5 Reasons Why eLearning Engages Employees in Training

According to a Bersin report from 2014, the average company spends about $1000 yearly on each employee’s training.

This means a company employing 100 people doles out $100,000 on learning and development, and an organization with 100,000 employees spends $1 million yearly on training. Clearly, companies are making huge investments into training their staff. However, if there is minimal return on investment, the money is practically wasted. So, you should motivate employees to learn. But how?
In person, classroom-style learning has its advantages, but it’s not what most people would call engaging. Some folks think traditional learning is downright boring. So, сompany leaders may choose to train their employees through an simulation. And here are 5 reasons why employees cannot refuse from elearning training.


The best way to deliver eLearning is through Simformer, an innovative platform for business simulation.
The most difficult aspect of employee training is getting adult learners fully engaged in the material being presented. Because it is visually pleasing, funny, accessible, quick, and story-based, online learning deeply engages employees and helps them transfer the training they receive online to real-life situations.
Your company will benefit most because with business game you can train employees, assess their skills and find talented candidates. With elearning you also decrease expenses of personal training and assessment up to 7 times.

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